Weight Loss: This man lost 20 kilos just by drinking beer! Whoa!

If you are on a quest to lose weight, what is the first thing you think of when you are about to have a beer? A big old beer belly, right? After all, beer is anything but a weight loss friendly drink. But, this guy just proved everyone wrong and actually lost weight drinking beer. Unbelievable right?

Del Hall, a man living in Cincinnati, Ohio decided to fast for Lent (a Christian Holiday) through March by just drinking beer and nothing else. The inspiration for him, you ask? Traditional monks who followed a similar diet by surviving on fermented drinks for a long while.

Del did not eat anything else but just plain old beer all through the 46-day diet plan. As per sources, he did not feel a tad bit of a difference and in fact, felt healthier than before. At the end of the period, when he checked himself on the weighing scale, he actually lost 44 pounds or nearly 20 kilograms.

Speaking about the same, he said that the idea weirded out a lot of people and many even called him crazy for attempting a fad diet plan like this. But he said that he was all hale and hearty. “I didn’t die. I’m actually healthier than when I started and it’s actually possible.” “Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it’s actually good food or not, it smells great so that was super hard to be around all that.”

To help him in the process and take the challenge up a notch, breweries actually helped him with the beer supply. Sources mention,

“Being master brewers, they decided they would take a popular style of beer in Germany, bock beer, make it extra hearty and that would be their liquid bread and that’s what they call it.”

Del also admitted that following this ‘crazy’ diet made him lose weight and get fit and he doesn’t regret anything.

“I know that I have integrity and I did the entire challenge without a single cheat. That was really cool and I was really proud of the fact that I did that since obviously, you know, I’m overweight and I’ve indulged a lot in the past so to take on something like this and to do it and to do it with such integrity I’m really proud of that fact.”

And, what was the first meal he had after quitting the beer diet? A bowl full of guacamole, followed by a beer of course!

If you are scared of having a beer belly, it is important to note how many drinks you are downing. While beer definitely has more calories than most alcoholic drinks, you get a beer belly only with sessions of binge drinking. If you are having more than 5 pints, it is definitely going to add to your weight.

Will you ever be interested to try such a diet plan?

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